Family Network on Disabilities of Florida

Center for Autism Related Disabilities (CARD)

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Florida Inclusion Network

Florida Diagnostic Learning & Resources System

The Family Café

Alliance of Disability Advocates Center for Independent Living

Autism Society

Autism Speaks

Special Olympics

Autism Society of the Emerald Coast

MSNBC “Adults with Autism”

Autism Society of America Florida chapter

Brilliant Minds

Santa Rosa County School District

Escambia County School District

Florida High School-High Tech

Organization for Autism Research OAR

The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Family Care Council Florida


Safe Sound Family autism-safety

Autism Resources, Information, Support

B.I.G. Autism Foundation

Florida Advocacy Center for legal help on school issues

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

Florida Legislature

Florida Department of Education

Directory of early childhood resources in Florida

CIL Disability Resource Center

Oops... Wrong Planet Syndrome

The Leaning Post Ranch

Sensory Integration

Autism Spectrum Quarterly Erik Warren

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National Vaccine Information Center

Age of Autism

Behavior Analyst Certification Board


Unlocking Potential Unlocking Potential LLC

Autism Tours

Sacred Heart Autism Center

Spectrum House

BTEC Behavioral Therapy, Inc.

Pediatric Therapy Center of NWFL

Behavior Changes, LLC.


"An Unforgettable Christmas" November 2009 issue of Autism Asperger’s Digest Magazine.

By Ann Richards Click here to read the story.


Powerpoint from the workshop with Dr. McGreevy September 26, 2009
Improving Behavior for Individuals with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities: Addressing Common Challenges

YOU are the KEY : Preparing For and Participating In Your Child’s Education Presented by Amy Lorton


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