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Philosophy of Kids for Camp

Autism Pensacola’s Kids for Camp is a data-driven program using best-practice techniques, specifically Applied Behavior Analysis, to contribute to both the skill acquisition of the individuals with autism and the continuing education of the teachers, support staff, and college students who work with those with autism. API is committed to continuously improve the camp experience, thus remaining a model of quality and integrity to the community.

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Kids for Camp is a summer learning lab for children, teens, and young adults on the autism spectrum. This program provides fun and intensive learning experiences for children with autism, as well as training for educators from our area.

Kids for Camp was created in 2003 by Mrs. Judy Burns.  At that time she was looking for summer programs for both of her sons.  While there were many options for her neuro-typical son, she found that nothing was available for her son with autism. So she took matters into her own hands, partnered with Autism Pensacola, and with help from Gulf Breeze Presbyterian Church and Gulf Breeze Rotary Club, created Kids for Camp.

In 2007, Kids for Camp expanded from being simply a summer camp to a summer learning lab. API began providing educators with training on best practices for teaching children with autism, and providing children on the spectrum with a high-quality educational program during the summer. Kids for Camp became nationally recognized that year as a program doing “what works” for children with autismTo date we have provided training to more than 100 educators in our two-county area and served more than 150 individuals on the autism spectrum.

To create this high-quality, structured, summer program, Autism Pensacola partners with many agencies in our area including the Sacred Heart Autism Center, the Escambia County School District, the Santa Rosa County School District, The University of West Florida, FSU-CARD, The Florida Inclusion Network, and FDLRS / Westgate.

Currently, the majority of funds for Kids for Camp come from the annual “Connecting the Pieces” Dinner and Auction. In addition, camp families can participate in our informal "Friends and Family Campaign", an email campaign that allows contributors to donate to a specific child to help offset the family’s cost for the program. Private grants and donations to help us continue this important program are always welcome. Please consider a donation today and help us make a difference in the lives of these children and their families!